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Below are some examples of SOPs. SOP styles vary widely from company to company. What I want to see from an SOP were it to appear as a question is an SOP with the following headings: 1)Title, 2)Purpose, 3)Scope, 4)Equipment and Materials, 5)Procedure, 6) Special Notes. I would not tell you what SOP to write merely ask you to write an SOP of your choosing. It should be clear and precise and written as the notes on GMP & QA suggest. These headings are a minimum. I dont mind if you include extra headings but you’ll primarily be graded on the presence of these and the corresponding text that goes with them.

Examples of SOP’s (some of which are also on Moodle)

SOP Autoclave

SOP Template

SOP for Complaints Procedure

SOP for Change Control Procedure

Before starting the audit you might send an audit questionnaire to the vendor/supplier to gain more information from them before beginning the audit. The link below contains an example questionnaire:

1. Vendor Audit Questionnaire

During the audit you can use a simple checklist to record information. The link below contains an example of a checklist

1. Audit Checklist

Finally once the audit is finished an audit report must be produced. Here are two examples of audit reports:

1. Sample Audit Report

2. EU final audit report template

Below are two more examples of opportunity flowcharts showing where cost is added or value is added.

Picture2 Picture3