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The EPA Act 1992 introduced Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC) for specific “activities” . It outlines that it is the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) responsibility for the issuing and implementing of such a licence. The licence controls all emissions, covering air, water, waste and noise and also an activity must ensure that they use the Best Available Technology (BAT).


Here is a link to an example Licence available on the EPA website:


Here is the table of contents with all the conditions of the licence:




Here’ is an example of the noise requirements under the above licence:


The link below is to a summary page of the 10 steps to creating a Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA).

10 steps to creating a FMEA


The link below is to an example of the critical path network. Here we’re looking at the building of a garage and trying to work out the critical path (the longest time from start to finish) and what jobs need to be done together or before others and finally on what jobs we have extra time to complete. Please refer to the powerpoint slides for critical path method on Moodle and the corresponding chapter for more information on the process.

Critical Path Network (Garage construction)

Below is another example of an Interrelationship Digraph. Note the number of arrows going into boxes and out of boxes. The boxes with more arrows going in are for long term events/goals and the boxes with more arrows going out of them are the tasks that should be accomplished first.