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Below are some images and a video from two of the students in the class,┬áRadu Morosan and Jolanta Wolff. These were taken with a camera phone straight down the microscope and┬áhave some excellent detail. If you weren’t able to see any images on the lab day then take a look at these. Click the images to enlarge them. If people take any nice images of the Gram stain in our next lab please send them on to me.

Hair 1 Onion cells 1 Hair 5 Escherchia coli stained in methylene blue

Onion cells 2 Labelled Cheeck cells methylene blue Labelled

The link below is to an article exploring “Antibiotics and Bacterial Resistance in the 21st Century”. It’s long but it’s an interesting read. Not essential for any exams but a worthwhile read anyway.

Antibiotics and Bacterial Resistance in the 21st Century

The streak technique used in this video is the quadrant streak.