Video Instructions

RefME is a free reference manager. It can help you capture references on the web and put them together into file format you can export and use in your thesis submission or project submission. For some general info on how it works and what it’s compatible with see this earlier post on LectureHub here. The video below will show you how to capture references on and to start with but it can do so much more. Well worth considering using it to help you with your thesis/essay writing.

Not everyone has or can afford Microsoft Office but there are plenty of free packages out there that do much the same as microsoft office and are similarly easy to use. You can get a free office suite of programs from many companies and organisations but one of my favourites is Open Office. Select the version open office for your system here:

The following videos show the correct and incorrect way to lift heavy objects correctly. Remember never lift with your back.

The following video goes though general gowning and grade “A” pharmaceutical fill suite. The video also goes through proper gloving procedure.

Below is a short video on the basics of Anymeeting

When a meeting is open you can click the link that’s in your email. I’d recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as the browser for accessing anymeeting.

The video below is a “how to” on downloading files I send you from Sugarsync. Please note if you’re trying to download from within your workplace and it’s not working try downloading from your home just in case it’s a firewall issue in your workplace. As always I recommend using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers when accessing “Anymeeting”, “Sugarsync” or “Moodle”. Internet explorer does not play well with some of these sites.

One of the students on the course (Thanks Colm!) found this good YouTube video on how to create Pareto charts in excel. Hopefully this will help you if you’re creating them for your learning to learn assignments.

I was asked by some people about how to create graphs in excel. I had created a video explaining how to do this and I had previously sent this to another group but I’ve now uploaded it to this site below. Comments questions welcome as always.

I have updated the post on the video (coffee machines) explaining what Cp and Cpk are to include a video of me explaining what Standard Deviation and Mean are. You can download it from this post here: